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  • You Are My Own


    You are my own,

    Old English house with

    A wrap-around porch,

    All crisp lines and

    Soft colors at dusk

    When your eyes are golden.

    You are the warmest blanket

    When it’s the dead of winter,

  • If Someone Had Told Me


    If someone had told me in September that you were going to fall in love with me, I would’ve laughed in their face. (There was no way.)

    If someone had told me in October that I was going to fall in love right back, I would’ve told them that can’t be true. (While harboring secret suspicion towards my heart.)

  • The Night I Realized


    The night I realized you weren’t coming back

    Was the night you killed our relationship,

    Took the untouched beauty

    The sacredness

    And squeezed it in your palm until

    All of it oozed out onto the floor of the bar.

  • A Collection of Thoughts


    A collection of thoughts:

    If I were to die young, then

    By God, let me die in his embrace,

    Where the rest of the world

    Is barred from entry

    Let his eyes be the last smile I see

    As he reveres the parts of me I keep veiled

  • The Artist


    October, 1881

    Leaves sizzled in the night breeze while gravel crunched loudly beneath my boots.  I was being too loud, and I winced at the heralding sound of my homecoming like a little boy trying to sneak past his mother. The light at the end of the path… our little home painted in warm yellows against a foreboding sky—each window a beacon of light, not leading me to safety, but seeking me out like the lanterns of an angry mob ready to sear my skin and uncover my secrets with their exposing flames.

  • The Girl in the Pink Dress


    A lot can happen in one single second.  The shot to a president’s head which alters a nation, roaming hands on a foreign body which alters a heart,  a miscalculation in step which alters a life, one lone thought which alters perception… To me, time seems to slow when focused on, like a pot of water that never boils when you stare at it.

  • The Girl in the Red Dress


    Everyone is laughing, except for you.

    You are currently at your own twenty-fifth birthday party, a swanky gathering in the lounge of a penthouse restaurant.  The walls are made of glass so clean you can almost feel the wind, and a glance outside presents you with millions of glowing windows, each curve and joint of New York City’s skyline shimmering beneath the indigo sky.

  • Twelve Against One


    Sullivan passed a can of peaches to the crying children. We had evacuated to the jungle before the explosive shells landed in the village, but now the homes were piles of wood and straw. The children and their parents followed our squad as we walked around the craters in the road.

  • Frigid


    The clock ticks,

    and it strikes at ten.

    The tyranny from this Spartan lifestyle will cease,

    and he’ll remain nothing more.

    That’s when I discovered:

    To become eternal was not to live, but to learn.

  • Apparition


    I feel a disconnection

    From who I was,

    and who I strove to be.

    I’m stuck in-between.

    The temptation trickles down my sleeve,

    and it thrives through my veins.

    It’s just an illusion, that there’s endless time.

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