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  • The Deep End


    The Deep End

    I used to jump

    Into the deep end of the pool

    6 feet deep

    Or was it 8?

    I’m not sure,

    All I remember is the water

    Raking through my hair

    Pushing into my noise



  • An Ill Illumination


    A dull light flickered behind paper shades. From beneath the woolen covers of a bed across the room, two frightened eyes watched the light’s final throes. The flickering ceased and the room filled with shadow. A gasp came from the bed; the tiny figure beneath the blankets lay rigid with fear. A wary arm reached out from under the covers toward the side of the bed against the wall. It searched frantically along the mountains of cloth and wool but could not find what it sought. The hand returned back under the heavy blankets and flipped them up. A little girl was revealed, with long auburn hair draped over a floral-patterned pillow. The blankets slid down and bundled at her waist as her torso lifted from the bed. Lucy was gone. The bear doll, with button eyes and mottled brown mohair fur, had never left her side. But at some point amidst the parade of shouts and curses between the girl’s mother and father, Lucy had been forgotten.

  • Slaves to this World


    The burning rain dropped

    On our heads,

    Seeping through our skin

    Into our brain

  • Dreams Of You


    The morning after I woke to the door left ajar,

    A choice was to be made, to close it, or open it wide knowing by now you were far,

    I opened it, and the fabric that once tied me down, fell, liberating me of my chains and shackle,

  • How to Prevent Your Roommates from Taking Your food


    Keep your popcorn with your boots

    And your boots with the spiders

    All covered in webs—stringy and white.

    Keep your chocolate with your school books

    And your school books with the trash

  • Note to Self


    Walking on eggshells is hard

    When your shoelaces are untied

    And your ankles burn with blisters.

    Careful as you may be,

    You cannot prevent those delicate shells

    From cracking beneath your feet.

  • Local



    Like the angry tide

    Foreign swells rise up and roll

    Bombarding the shore

    With their strangeness


    Like the bottom of the Sound

    Virtual nothingness

    Save those who are always there

  • Where Am I?


    Where am i?

    Night has fallen.

    Traffic roars.

    Buildings are silent.

    Head lights cut through the night sky.

    A stagnant lake in the far distance.

    How long have I been here?

    My feet are numb,

  • Changing Flowers


    There it stood,

    as firm as could be.

    Like he said it would,

    which meant the world to me.

    It gradually grew strong.

    The vibrant petals lit the night.

    Its jade leaves long.

    It was love at first sight.

  • Good Mourning


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